– Created multiple pinterest boards (mountains, plains, sky, water, trees, building, bridges). Plan on updating and adding to them every month for new references and ideas. Or if I only have a few minutes, at least to keep my mind fresh.


– Looked up several artists and examples from games: Frank Hong, Loish, Noah Bradley, Feng Zhu, and FDZSchool. I’ve subscribed to a bunch of youtube channels and which have tons of tutorials on composition, colour and just basis digital painting tips and tricks. Watched the FH ones on creating thumbnails.

– Created thumbnail template, taken from FH. (11×9 black borders with white boxes on separate layers) Learned a bit on how to start from a FH video: Remeber to use gray value panel to start so I can add and subtract values. Learned different painting methods: layering, adding, subtracting, transforming values